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Spicy Tigers on Speed


Hey all kingz and queenz and inbetweens and those who choose  not to identify at all, whateva  your gender maybe!
We are the Spicy Tigers On Speed, a politicalgenderqueer
 dancedragperformance-group (no classical travesty...) from Berlin

 Here some basics about us:


 Spice up your queer life!
 Our recipe:
     Take the best of all genders
     Take the worst of all genders
     Add music, dance and heart.
     Filter out the norm
     Shake well and then rock that shit!

        Excursions +


 ! aibohpretnisnartiboretehhomoH oN
 ! msilanoitaN oN
 ! sredroB oN

 On.der passion !
 On.der recreation  !
 On.der DeConstruction !


 we don't play guitars, but we DANCE AND PERFORM!_tell me what you
 really really want - the ram from the ramalamadingdong.
 aRe You a mAn or a wOmAN? - NO!
 perform gender cliches and then smash them! dance until your head
 our hot fake and real stuffers and fake and real tits are way more
 important than germany or any other nation.
 go drag!
 come queer!
 tender is the gender!

 We did shows in Berlin, Leipzig, Zürich (Suisse), Munic, Tel Aviv (Israel / 
 Queeruption06), Jerusalem (Israel / Worldpride06), Potsdam, Rostock, London and Turin (Italy).
 The Spicy Tigers On Speed are: Belinda Xpress, LCavaliero, Lady Moira,
 Lilo Libido, Strawberry F. Williams and Sherman the depressed stage




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